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Post Surgery Support

Post-Operative IV Hydration

Post Surgery Support


Proper recovery after surgery is important. Pain, dehydration, lack of appetite, and overall fatigue are just a few challenges you may face once you return home. These issues can cause undue stress on your body, slow the healing process, and increase your risk for complications.

We provide mobile, in-home IV hydration and vitamin therapy that is tailored to your specific needs. We can consult with your surgeon to ensure you receive the best hydration therapy for your particular situation. Whether it be surgery for your ears, nose, and throat, general surgery, orthopedic surgery, cosmetic or bariatric surgery, a postoperative IV drip is ideal after or even before your procedure.

Medical experts state that a healthy post-surgery diet is ideal to speed up healing. However, when a healthy diet isn’t enough to help you recover, GIV Hydration has an IV therapy solution designed for your post-surgical healing.
Our concentrated infusions with hydration is a combination of key nutrients and are formulated to relieve common post surgical issues quickly. An IV infusion jump-starts the healing process and helps provide a faster recovery.

When you are stressed after undergoing a surgical procedure and staying in the hospital, your immune system can become compromised, and you are at high risk for infection. Post-surgery IV infusion helps replenish essential fluids and nutrients to speed up the healing process.

Take care of yourself, encourage healing, and GIV your body what it needs to heal wounds and build new tissue. Book a  post-surgery or personalized IV therapy session with us today for fast hydration and recovery.

Goes great with an additional liter of IV fluid – $50

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