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Migraine Relief

Migraine Relief $199.00

Migraine Relief


Migraines can be extremely disruptive to your life and often occur with debilitating side effects. Our special formulated Migraine Relief IV will help you find comfort and can stop your migraine in its tracks.  We use specific medications for inflammation, pain, and nausea to target each individual symptom at the same time and we include a full liter of IV fluid with B-complex & B12 vitamins to help curb overactive nerve endings.

Many factors trigger a migraine, including lack of sleep, certain foods, continued stress, aspartame, processed foods, sun glare, intense physical exertion, or even hormonal changes. Even with all the pain-relieving and preventative medications, many patients cannot find relief.

Lifestyle changes may help in the long run, and prescription medications help for a bit, but IV therapy is a good option for quick and positive migraine relief.

IV therapy provides electrolytes, hydration, and vitamins directly into the bloodstream. IV infusion’s proven therapy means faster and more effective relief for you.

IV Therapy stops overactive nerve endings and targets individual symptoms like inflammation, nausea, and pain. One IV treatment can have up to a month’s effect, which provides you with a better quality of life. Infusion therapy usually takes between 30 to 45 minutes, and you will quickly feel pain relief, increased energy, and an uplifted mood.

Our healthcare professionals are committed to making the IV experience as comfortable as possible. We answer questions, let you know what we’re doing, and reassure you that IV therapy is safe and certified.

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