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The Phoenix | IV Replenishment Charlotte NC

Migraine Relief & Prevention

The Phoenix


Night of over indulgence? Don’t let it impact your day. Our nurses will come to you and prepare a full liter of IV replenishment, a healthy mix of B-complex vitamins, and a potent B12 injection so you can feel human again…reborn…like a Phoenix rising from the ashes!  Goes great with an extra liter of IV fluid.

We’ve also included up to three medications to the Phoenix to help you feel even better, at no additional cost:
  • Zofran for nausea
  • Toradol for pain, headache, & inflammation
  • Pepcid for upset stomach or heartburn


Also goes great with:

  • Vitamin C for immune system, chronic disease & high blood pressure

IV drips bypass your digestive system giving the nutrients, fluids, and medications the ability to go directly to your bloodstream. Your recovery speeds up, so you will feel better much sooner.

When recovering from a hangover, there are three main components:

  • One is rehydrating your body.
  • Two is detoxing to remove the buildup of toxins caused by alcohol consumption.
  • Three is restoring the nutrients you lost while drinking.

You may not realize that drinking causes nutrient loss. Alcohol use inhibits absorption and use of thiamin (Vitamin B1), folic acid, and zinc. Not to scare you, but alcohol use hinders your metabolism and endurance. Alcohol can also hamper your memory and retention. It affects your sleep cycle and reduces your brain’s ability to learn and retain information.

IV fluids will also hydrate you faster. Drinking water is great, but water is absorbed in your lower gastrointestinal tract, taking several hours before your body begins to benefit from the hydration effects of water. Scientific studies show drinking only water may take up to two hours to absorb 2 cups of water. The Phoenix gets directly into your bloodstream to counteract the effects of a hangover.

The Phoenix helps restore the nutrients you have lost due to drinking, and we guarantee that you will feel better faster, and your brain cells will start to absorb nutrients. Go ahead and have that awesome night, but get nutrients back in your body fast by taking advantage of The Phoenix.

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