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Super Immune Booster

What Are Important Vitamins Required for a Strong Immune System?

Super Immune Booster


Let’s face it, COVID-19 was a wake-up call for how important a healthy immune system truly is. It’s a big reason why our company was formed. We source the highest quality Vitamin C and Zinc and then we double the dose. Couple that with a liter of IV Hydration, and you’ll be well on your way to supporting a healthy and robust immune system. Better yet, our nurses will come to you to administer your IV treatment. 

Being sick causes strain on the immune system, and you need to feel better as quickly as possible to handle your day to day activities. During the coronavirus pandemic, many find ways to build their body’s immune system, and one of the best ways is Super Immune Booster.

The best defense is reducing exposure to viruses and bacteria. Follow CDC recommendations, minimize exposure, wash hands, don’t touch your face, and try not to hug or shake hands. These precautions are great, but they won’t prevent all diseases from affecting you. With that in mind, the best defense is Super Immune Booster with high doses of Vitamin C, hydration, and zinc.

When you need to ward off illnesses, you need extra fluids, vitamin C, and zinc.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant contributing to your immune system by supporting different cellular functions. High-doses of Vitamin C can be useful in fighting and suppressing viruses. Super Immune Booster has high doses of Vitamin C that give you more than you get with supplements or diet.

Zinc is an antioxidant whose job is to reduce inflammation. Zinc plays an important role in immune functions. If you are zinc-deficient, you may have immune dysfunction in addition to other health issues. Super Immune Booster gives you the zinc levels you need to keep illnesses away.

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