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Peak Performance


Peak Performance


Athletes want to perform at their best, so we created The Peak Performance drip to help accomplish this. Muscle cell recovery and anti-inflammatory effects from an amino acid blend along with glutathione will help your body recover faster and get you ready for your next event. As an added bonus, our nurses will GIV your IV to you either in-home, or at your event.

  • Goes great with an extra liter of IV fluid
  • Goes great with Toradol
  • Goes great with¬†Vitamin C

The glutathione in our Peak Performance IV drip supports exercise performance. Use Peak Performance before your exercise regimens, and you have a secret weapon to help you get the most out of your workout.

Glutathione increases performance and helps your muscles recover faster. Supplementation with glutathione boosts mitochondrial levels in your muscles and prevents the decrease of intramuscular pH. A loss of intramuscular pH delays recovery from exercise fatigue.

Add to Peak Performance Toradol, a powerful short-term pain relief recommendation for those achy workout muscles.

Amino acids are organic compounds composed of nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen that form the building block of proteins. These proteins makeup 7% of your body and are involved in all your body functions. Using Peak Performance, you will improve protein growth and development, aid digestion, help you gain and retain energy, and enhance healing and repair. Your muscles will thank you for the reduced soreness from exercising. Amino acids are the perfect nutrients for your exercise regimes. Peak Performance is perfect for workouts.

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