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IV Treatments

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Booster Shots

Weight Loss Booster

Weight loss and appetite suppressant give you a lift when trying to lose weight and boost your metabolism. Contains Liposat Plus – MIC/B12/B6 package injections available.


B12 is known to give you energy and provide bone, cell, and general health. B12 packages are available.


This injection provides you with energy and has antioxidant properties to help cells function optimally. Glutathione packages available.

Additional Medications


This is a great add on as an anti-inflammatory and pain medicine. Perfect to treat headaches, inflammation, and general aches and pain. [that can help with the general aches and pains that come along with illness and hangovers but also is a great add on for headaches.]


Stomach feeling topsy turvy? Zofran will help curb any nausea or upset stomach. Great for hangovers, motion sickness, morning sickness, and jet lag. Add it to any of our IV therapies when over the counter meds aren’t working.


Stomach issues and indigestion are really the worst. Maybe a little too much to drink or that late-night meal has your stomach in knots. We can add Pepcid to any of our IV therapies to help you find relief and feel better.

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